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Pop of Flavor — Fresh coconut with a hint of spice


Ceylon Spices

Avaera Kokoswater is inspired by the Ceylon spices, which were discovered in 1602. Avaera has developed a delicious blend of flavors from Cardamom accompanied by a hint of Nutmeg and Ceylon Cinnamon. The taste is inspired by the Indian Chai. The healthy coconut water elixir with these powerful herbs has a panacea-like effect on the body. We have developed the coconut water especially for the high-end Hospitality & Travel sector.

The Ultimate Refreshment

Do you know that feeling when you are lying in your hammock, a summer breeze through the swaying palm trees gently caressing you? That feeling! Hold that specific moment… Hold it… We have poured that specific feeling into a glass bottle to subtly refresh you at this perfect moment.

Plant a tree with us!

It is important to know that Avaera is not solitary driven by commerce, but is build from an altruistic mission. The mission to re-plant trees, that is! Part of our profit from B2B sales in the Travel, Hotel and Sports  industry is invested in re-planting trees. We have the ambitious mission to make Sri Lanka greener (Reforest Sri Lanka: Yeah!) by replanting young coconut trees and creating new forest areas.

Organic Farms

Empowering Farmers

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Giving Back to Nature

Gourmets and Coconut Water Sommeliers


We serve 2 flavors: Au Naturelle & Spicey Cardemom. Both flavours can be defined as refreshing and sparkling. De au naturelle gives you the straight from the coconut vibe. Avaera Coconut Water Cardemom could change your coconut water experience and perception a little.  The spice Cardamom together with Ceylon Cinnamon, Nutmeg and the natural sweetness of the coconut water is yummy so to say. 

We have created the perfect balance for the ultimate taste experience. Especially for you!

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