Organic Goodness

Realized by using only the best coconuts.

Palm Tree Sky
Organic products,
made in Sri Lanka.
Our products are made from coconuts from small organic farms located in the Coconut Triangle region of Sri Lanka. We are therefore closely involved in the production process, from the plantation to the distribution center and the customer.
This close involvement has the following advantages:
  • a direct control on quality
  • the best selection of coconuts
  • a refined production process
  • a fair share for farmers

Organic Farms

Empowering Farmers

Premium Products

Conscientious Customers

Giving Back to Nature

About our


Our coconut oil is raw, unprocessed, cold-pressed and unbleached with a pure coconut flavor and aroma. The coconut oil is rich in healthy nutrients, antioxidants and lauric acid – perfect for eating, cooking and even cosmetic use.

In addition, part of the proceeds from each sold pot goes to planting new palm trees.

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