Hotels & Restaurants

Especially for the hospitality sector we offer coconut water au naturelle and coconut water with 1 exquisite flavor variant bottled. The coconut water is served from a glass bottle (220ml). The neck is slim and the body is well-founded. She looks pretty on a table served at an exquisite restaurant dinner, lunch, breakfast table or a festive moment. Mocktail and cocktail fans can use it as the basis for the soft coconut breeze or the floral of the cardamom and the spices of the nutmeg en ceylon cinnamon. The black label of Avaera makes it a bit chic for events, boutique hotels, rooftop bars, cocktail bars and restaurants. You want to be seen with this bottle if you are enjoying wellness or spa or your hotel room. Burgundian enjoyment with being kind to your body. That is for every body & everyone at any time of the day!


We offer a recyclable Tetrapak (220ml) for aviation and sports. You need extra hydration when you travel, relax or do sports. Coconut water is the right low-calorie alternative (1 glass contains 45 calories) and consists of 95% water and it contains a unique combination of vitamin C and minerals. The drink contains more potassium than sodium plus small amounts of other nutrients (calcium, phosphorus, iron, amino acids, vitamins C and B, minerals including sodium and magnesium).

We firmly believe in re-hydrating yourself with water or coconut water. Drink about 2 liters of water a day and occasionally – if you feel like it – a glass of coconut water. The American Aerospace Medical Association recommends drinking about 0.25 cl of water per hour when you fly. The longer your flight, the more important hydration becomes.

Traveling and exercising require extra energy! Avaera coconut water is unsweetened, as coconut water already has a natural sweetness. The flavors come from a biological extract of a fruit and spice. Nice and refreshing and you immediately feel hydrated. Yummy!


Coconut water is an isotonic sports drink that contains as many particles of glucose and electrolytes. Isotonic drinks contain 4 to 8 grams of carbohydrates per 100 milliliters and 400 to 1600 milligrams of sodium per liter. So Avaera Coconut Water contains sodium and glucose, which you need when exercising.

For endurance sports or intensive strength training on a strict calorie budget, we recommend drinking hypotonic drinks without glucose such as water or sports drinks with extra sodium added. Avaera Coconut water with or without spice can serve as a nice supplement during endurance sports and intensive strength training. Tasty for extra refreshment and healthy!