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5 Perks of Drinking Coconut Water (That I Bet You Never Heard)

If you are already into coconut water, you will have read that it is nothing short of a miracle elixir for our bodies.  An 8-oz cup of natural coconut water contains 3 grams of fiber, 2 grams of protein, potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium, which is why it is so beneficial to our bodies; AND it contains various antioxidants and micronutrients that benefit conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and dehydration.  Wow!  

Coconut water has additional benefits, or Perks, that you may not have considered.  These lesser-known advantages come from the same glass of humble coconut water, with its many nutrients, and are just as important to our quality of life.  Here are just 5 of these Perks:

1 – Coconut Water To Revive the Mind

We are all less alert when we wake up and begin to face the day.  Our thoughts are a little unorganized, we lack focus for a time, and we reach for that traditional caffeine boost.  Thing again. The superfood–coconut water–will help you restart your mental processes by giving you the minerals needed to rehydrate your body.  If the thought of a morning without caffeine is too scary, you can counteract any negative effects of caffeine by adding a glass of coconut water.  With it you can clear the morning fog and replenish the balances natural to a healthy body and active mind.

Coconut Water is a low-acid food that will not upset your tummy first thing in the morning.  You may not be a breakfast person, but refreshing yourself with a glass of coconut water will provide you with a boost of essential vitamins and minerals to sustain you until lunch, and without eating a thing.

2 – Coconut Water to Maintain a Youthful Appearance

Our skin is the largest organ in the human body.  It is also the organ that is out front for all the world to see.  Any stranger meeting you will form an instant opinion as to your health and age.  (How dare they!). Physicians tell us that drinking lots of water each day will help us maintain healthy organs, including healthy skin.  So we try, but many of us quickly lose interest in plain water. Add a couple of 44-calorie servings of coconut water to your day and you will get the added benefit of potassium and that strong-man, Vitamin C.  Mr. C. assists us in producing collagen to firm up our skin, and also provides protection against wrinkles and lines. The cytokines in coconut water encourage new skin cells to grow and replace the tired old cells.  Now that is a good trick!  

Ever try using coconut water ON your skin?  It is excellent as a cleanser and moisturizer, and it has anti-fungal properties to treat acne and dry patches.  Use a bottle of raw, sugar-free coconut water as an after shampoo rinse for your hair. Open it up and massage it into your scalp and hair, then rinse for silky, shiny, youthful hair.  Apply the antibacterial and antifungal qualities of coconut water to acne. Before bed, apply coconut water to acne and acne scars, and rinse off in the morning.  

3 – Coconut Water to Prevent Colds, Joint Pain and PMS

As a health tonic, coconut water is unbeatable.  The multitude of essential nutrients in pure coconut water are easily absorbed by the body and can boost your immune system and maintain your PH balance.  We all know about how the vitamin C in orange juice prevents colds, but the antibacterial elements in coconut water (which is also rich in vitamin C) can ward off infections.  Besides preventing colds, it makes wounds heal faster.  

A good balance between acid and alkaline is essential to ward off joint pains and immunity problems.  We get plenty of acid and toxic components from our environment and need the alkaline balance of raw coconut water to zap these harmful elements, and restore our PH balance.  A powerful supplier of potassium, coconut water in the diet will stave off muscle cramps. And not just cramps from a strenuous he-man workout. It also softens menstrual cramps, which are just a debilitating. 

4 – Coconut Water for Digestive Relief

Common digestive complaints, such as constipation and diarrhea, are not polite to talk about, but BOY!  We sure do want relief from these pesky complaints. The bioactive enzymes contained in coconut water act as a gentle, natural laxative, assisting our bodies in flushing waste and toxins.  (It gives us a good clean-out). Additionally, it is very effective at the onset of an attack of diarrhea to replenish lost minerals and give us a strong dose of electrolytes to calm that awful monster.  

All that powerful potassium in coconut water eases the discomfort of bloating after a meal.  This bloat is usually caused by too much sodium in the food. Potassium blasts the bloat and eases discomfort.  So have a glass of coconut water after a heavy meal and you will feel the difference.

5 – Coconut Water to Ease a Headache

Most headaches are caused by dehydration, either because you have not taken in a sufficient supply of water, or are not getting properly hydrated from the water you consume.  For most people, drinking a sufficient amount of water keeps a headache at bay, but when a headache occurs, drink some coconut water before popping the pills. Coconut water packs a mega-magnesium wallop that controls that headache by increasing blood circulation and releasing pain-reducing hormones.  

Consuming too much in the way of alcoholic beverages the night before can cause serious dehydration, along with some added symptoms, such as weakness, thirst, disorientation and the shakes.  This is called a hangover and it feels terrible. All these symptoms are caused by dehydration, and the perfect cure is coconut water due to its intensive rehydrating effects. You will soon feel better and vow never to do that again. 

Lesson learned?  Probably not. Thank goodness for coconut water!

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